Psyc 440 Experimental Psychology: Cognitive, Fall 1998

Dr. Kent L. Norman
ZP 3123F (405-5924)
Office Hours: Tue 1-2 pm, Fri 10-11 am

Teaching Assistants:

Jodi Jacobson
Ken Malmberg

Lecture Text: Solso, R. L. (1998). Cognitive Psychology (5th ed). Boston, MA: Allyn and Bacon.

Lab Text: Stangor, C, (1998). Research Methods for the Behavioral Sciences. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co,

Description: This course consists of both a lecture section and a lab section. Lectures survey research and theory in cognitive psychology and are based on material from the assigned text, from other texts in cognitive psychology, from articles in leading journals, and from the instructorýs own research. Lectures will follow the outline of the assigned text but will be supplemented with additional material.

The laboratory activities are described in the Assignments Module.

Examinations and Grades: There will be three examinations as listed on the syllabus. The exams are part multiple choice and part short essay. Questions will be be drawn from the text, lectures, reading assignments, and laboratory demonstrations. If you must miss an exam, you must have a valid excuse, and you will be required to take a make-up exam. Each exam will count toward one-third of your lecture grade.

Your final grade will be based equally on your lecture grade and on your lab grade.

Lab Section 0101 Mon 1:00 - 3:00 ZOP 0124

Lab Section 0103 Wed 1:00 - 3:00 ZOP 0124

Date        Topic                              
9/1/98 	    Intro to HyperCourseware         	--   	    --
9/1/98 	    Intro to Cognitive Psychology  	    Solso1 	    --
9/1/98 	      and Cognitive Neuroscience 	    Solso2 	    --
9/8/98 	    Perception of Sensory Signals	 	Solso3 	    Lab1
9/15/98 	Pattern Recognition	 	            Solso4 	    Lab2
9/22/98 	Attention   	                    Solso5 	    Lab3
9/22/98 	Consciousness 	                    Solso6 	    --
9/29/98 	*** Exam 1 *** 	                    -- 	        Lab4
10/6/98 	Memory:  Theories 	                Solso7 	    Lab5
10/13/98 	Memory:  Structure and Processes 	Solso8 	    Lab6
10/20/98 	Representation of Knowledge 	    Solso9 	    Lab7
10/27/98 	Mnemonics and Experts 	            Solso10 	Lab8
11/3/98 	Mental Imagery	 	                Solso11 	Lab9
11/10/98 	*** Exam 2 *** 	                    -- 	        Lab10
11/17/98 	Language 1                       	Solso12 	Lab11
11/17/98 	Language 2	                     	Solso13 	--
11/24/98 	Thinking 1 	                        Solso15 	Lab12
12/1/98 	Thinking 2 	                        Solso16 	Lab13
12/8/98 	Artificial Intelligence 	        Solso17 	Lab14