Statistical Methods in Psychology

Psyc 200 Spring 2000

MWF 1:00 - 1:50 PM: AT&R Teaching Theater, ENG 3140

Please Note:

1. This course will be taught in the aITs Teaching Theater in the Computer Science Center. This is an electronic classroom with computers at the desks.

2. All materials including the book, exams, and assignments will be electronic. There is no printed textbook required from the bookstore.

3. All students will need to have computer access either on-campus through the WAM labs, the BSOS labs, or dormitories and/or off-campus through the World Wide Web.

4. Enrollment in this section is limited to 40 as the absolute maximum due to the number of computers and seats in CSS 1410.

5. The content material in this section will be the same as the other sections and will conform to the topics listed in published course descriptions.

Course Requirements and Guidelines

1. Prerequisites: (Math 111, 140, or 220) and (Psyc 100)

2. Exams: Two exams will be given during the semester in addition to the final exam. Make-up exams will be given only with a valid excuse. Each exam will contribute 25% to the final grade. The final exam will contribute 25%. Homework and projects will contribute the remaining 25%.

3. Homework: Problems will be assigned throughout the semester. Some of these assignments will be collected (electronically) and graded (e.g., Excellent, Satisfactory, Unsatisfactory). The teaching assistant will be happy to go over the homework with you if you have any problems.

4. Projects: Assignments will be given throughout the semester to collect your own data and to analyze it. These projects will be collected for grading.

5. Class Notes: Note taking and study behavior is very important in statistics. If you have difficulty keeping organized and complete notes, seek help fast.

6. Reading Assignments: Reading assignments should be completed by the date listed on the course outline. Lectures and class discussions presuppose that you have read the material.

7. Attendance: It is not mandatory that you attend all classes, but it is strongly advised. You are responsible for lecture material not covered in the text. Your instructor will not provide lecture notes.

8. On-Line Textbook: Lane, David L. HyperStat Online at

Course Outline

1/31 	Introduction to the aITs Classroom 	TTman 	
2/2 	Statistics in Psychology 	HS1 	PDesc
2/4 	Numbers, Measurement and Data 	 	Hw1
2/7 	     continued 	 	
2/9 	Measures of Central Tendency 	HS2 	Data1
2/11 	     continued 	 	Hw2
2/14 	Measures of Variability 	 	disc_1
2/16 	     continued 	 	
2/18 	Frequency Distributions 	 	Hw3
2/21 	     continued 	 	
2/23 	The Normal Distribution 	HS5 	Hw4
2/25 	    continued 	 	
2/28 	    continued 	 	
3/1 	**  Exam 1, Group 1 ** 	 	
3/3 	**  Exam 1, Group 2 ** 	 	
3/6 	Probability and Random Variables 	HS4 	disc_2
3/8 	     continued 	 	Hw5
3/10 	Binomial Probabilities 	 	
3/13 	     continued 	 	
3/15 	Sampling Distributions 	HS6 	Hw6
3/17 	     continued 	 	
3/20 	*** Spring Break *** 	 	
3/27 	Estimation Point 	HS7 	
3/29 	     Confidence Intervals 	HS8 	
3/31 	Hypothesis Testing 	HS9 	Hw7
4/3 	     continued 	 	
4/5 	** Exam 2, Group 2  ** 	 	
4/7 	** Exam 2, Group 1  ** 	 	
4/10 	Student's T Test 	HS10 	disc_3
4/12 	T-Tests Between Groups 	 	Hw8
4/14 	     continued 	 	Data2
4/17 	Introduction to Analysis of Variance 	HS12 	
4/19 	     continued 	 	Hw9
4/21 	Factorial Designs 	HS13 	disc_4
4/24 	     continued 	 	
4/26 	Correlation 	HS3 	
4/28 	     continued 	 	Hw10
5/1 	Linear Regression 	HS15 	
5/3 	     continued 	 	
5/5 	Chi-Square Tests 	HS16 	Hw11
5/8 	     continued 	 	
5/23 	** Final Exam  8-10 AM** 	 	
Dr. Kent L. Norman
phone: (301) 405-5924